Isadora Dantas


Hi! I'm Isadora. Depending on who you ask, I can be different things:

Interaction Designer

I help early-stage startups bring their vision to life by delivering every design asset, from landing pages and mobile apps to entire web platforms. Logos, pitch decks and marketing materials sometimes are also part of the scope.


Product Manager

On my day job I lead a cross-functional team towards delivering amazing mobile products. Under my umbrella I have a hybrid app, a mobile-optimized site and two native apps.


Happiness Ambassador & Public Speaker

Somehow, I'm just really good at being happy. I've spent a fair amount of time researching positive psychology and like to share my findings around and spread kindness wherever possible.


Amateur Illustrator

If there's one thing that remained true throughout my life since I was a little kid is the passion to draw. Sometimes I even get paid to do it.


Expert Bed Jumper

Don't mean to brag, but I've jumped in so many beds in the past few years that I already developed different techniques to different types of beds.