Isadora Dantas


I believe Happiness can change the world.


Isa Wonderful World

It all started in 2009, when I moved to NYC from Rio de Janeiro. I wasn't prepared for the cultural shock and soon realized that my personality was being affected. I was becoming less open and colder in general. Decided not to let it happen, I started researching a way to make people around me kinder, and it turns out that bringing them joy is a very effective way to get there. For my master thesis I created a series of urban interventions designed to break the routine of New Yorkers with some unexpected positivity. Interventions would vary from a cup of coffee at the subway station, a Free Compliments Booth at Union Square and even some collaborative art pieces during commute. I registered all these interventions and would post about them on the IsaWonderfulWorld blog. Over time I was able to cultivate a global community around kindness and even inspire others to do the same.


Some of the interventions:

Take some chocolate (and help me on a diet)

Take some chocolate (and help me on a diet)

Share the love, through words

Share the love, through words

Exercise on the streets

Exercise on the streets

Free compliments Booth

Free compliments Booth


TEDx Talks


How to Have the Best Year of your life

TEDx UCLA Salon - July 2016

Everybody goes through some bad moments or even bad phases, but one day, Isadora decided that she had gone through enough, and instead of feeling sorry for herself, started "fabricating" the most perfect year. What started as a task, 12 months later, ended up as genuinely being the happiest she has ever been.

Creating Happiness Through Kindness

TEDx UCLA - May 2017

Can kindness be a tool for change? Isadora talks about the impact of incremental kindness in our everyday lives. Isadora is an expert in being happy. With both a masters in Design & Technology from Parsons and a soon-to-be-completed MBA from UCLA Anderson, she has been through a wide set of careers, but her true talent lies on spreading joy among others.

Urban Interventions Designed To Bring Joy

UCLA Anderson Week - May 2015

Isadora Dantas talks about the struggles she faced when she moved to New York and how she decided to turn those into a trigger to drive change. She developed a series of urban interventions to bring joy to the lives of New Yorkers. Her goal was to prove that by having a positive, unexpected interaction, you're more likely to be kind towards others.





I go to workplaces and local communities to lead workshops around gratitude, self-confidence, empowerment and happiness. The goal is for everyone to leave the session with a big smile.

Custom Interventions


I develop custom interventions to promote your brand, cause or company, as long as they're aligned with Isa Wonderful World values and vision. We'll brainstorm and do something unique to amaze.