Isadora Dantas



I'm an Interaction designer turned into Product Manager that likes to Illustrate, advocate Happiness and Jump in Beds


Isadora Dantas

Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to do. I'm not like that. I think life is too amazing and offers us too many adventures, so I like to explore them. I've been an architect, a designer, an entrepreneur and more. As long as I'm being intellectually challenged and have some creative freedom, I tend to feel fulfilled.

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro and got my bachelors in Architecture & Urban Planning there. Since then I've also graduated with two different masters: MFA in Design & Technology at Parsons, and Master of Business Administrator at UCLA. I've worked as a designer in some Fortune 500 companies like Disney and Sony and also helped some tiny startups to evolve and get funded. A few years ago I got into Tech and love every aspect of it.

My unique background and experience allow me to navigate with ease across the most extreme scenarios: in one day I can be at a meeting to discuss security gaps within our platform, or analyzing the best sale strategy for our app, and another I'll be having a debate on what is the best hue for a button (Data will tell).

On top of that, I believe that Happiness can change the world and try to spread joy wherever I go. One of my accomplishments I'm most proud of was to be able to develop an online community around kindness and inspire people from 13 different countries to create positive interventions on their own communities.


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